Boudoir helped to build my confidence.

Boudoir helped to build my confidence. A little conversation with Miss S.     So tell me a little about yourself.  Just so we can get to know you a little.   Prior to my shoot I'd gone through a breakup after 7 years together. I work full time and have children so dont get much time for myself. Before the shoot I can honestly say I had zero body confidence. I was in an abusive relationship so was constantly put down and made to feel bad about myself. That is something I still struggle with too. I

Selfie Sense. A few tips to help you capture your family on your i phone.

Tips on how to use your iPhone.   Now everyone does them even when we don't like admitting it. The dreaded selfie! Here are a few tips to help you on the way to capturing  great images of your family and some good selfies too.   Here are a few starting selfie pointers. Avoid direct full sun. Few people look good while squinting and plus its unflattering too. Shows all your little lines, lumps and bumps. I don't know many  people who  can pass off the squinting selfie  pose but I think you will agree Jason Momoas's  has

Why I took the plunge! A little interview with Ms S.

My 40th was close and I wanted to do something for me. Today I am chatting to one of my very first boudoir clients. She has been back many times now and I always love to see her in the studio. Tell me a little about yourself leading up to your shoot. Family, relationships, jobs a little about you so we get to know you. I had recently divorced after being with my hubby for 18 years. Now a single mum of 2 boys. My 40th was fast approaching and I still struggled to see myself  as someone