A little help with your lingerie choice.

A boudoir shoot can be an exciting and empowering experience, but deciding what to wear can be a challenge. The right outfit can help you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in front of the camera. It can also add to the feel of your images too. Here are some tips on what to wear at your boudoir shoot. Corsets: A corset can be a stunning addition to your boudoir outfit. They provide structure and support while accentuating your curves. Great for hiding areas but not the easiest to move around in. Look for a corset that fits well

Do’s and dont’s to help you prepare.

A boudoir shoot is a exciting date in your calendar and it's important to keep a few do's and don'ts in mind to ensure that your shoot is successful. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your day with us. Do's: Communicate with your photographer. Before your shoot, make sure you communicate with me about your vision and what you hope to achieve from the shoot. This will help me understand your style and preferences and create a shoot plan that works for you. Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Select

Why should you choose New Generation Portraits over any other boudoir studio.

Why should you choose  New Generation Portraits  over any other boudoir studio?    In my experience over my many years as a photographer a boudoir shoot is far more than just photographs.  It’s a trust between me and you.  I trust you will believe in me to make the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of your self. You trust I can draw out your inner goddess that could have been missing for many years.   I often laugh with my clients and say I have a hidden talent and that talent is I see you!  I

Boudoir helped to build my confidence. Wirral

Boudoir helped to build my confidence. A little conversation with Miss S.     So tell me a little about yourself.  Just so we can get to know you a little.   Prior to my shoot I'd gone through a breakup after 7 years together. I work full time and have children so dont get much time for myself. Before the shoot I can honestly say I had zero body confidence. I was in an abusive relationship so was constantly put down and made to feel bad about myself. That is something I still struggle with too. I

Selfie Sense. A few tips to help you capture your family on your i phone.

Tips on how to use your iPhone.   Now everyone does them even when we don't like admitting it. The dreaded selfie! Here are a few tips to help you on the way to capturing  great images of your family and some good selfies too.   Here are a few starting selfie pointers. Avoid direct full sun. Few people look good while squinting and plus its unflattering too. Shows all your little lines, lumps and bumps. I don't know many  people who  can pass off the squinting selfie  pose but I think you will agree Jason Momoas's  has

Why I took the plunge! A little interview with Ms S. Wallasey

My 40th was close and I wanted to do something for me. Today I am chatting to one of my very first boudoir clients. She has been back many times now and I always love to see her in the studio. Tell me a little about yourself leading up to your shoot. Family, relationships, jobs a little about you so we get to know you. I had recently divorced after being with my hubby for 18 years. Now a single mum of 2 boys. My 40th was fast approaching and I still struggled to see myself  as someone

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