Boudoir helped to build my confidence.

A little conversation with Miss S.



So tell me a little about yourself.  Just so we can get to know you a little.


Prior to my shoot I’d gone through a breakup after 7 years together. I work full time and have children so dont get much time for myself.
Before the shoot I can honestly say I had zero body confidence. I was in an abusive relationship so was constantly put down and made to feel bad about myself. That is something I still struggle with too. I felt that everybody saw me that way also.
I’ve admired your work for many years as it’s always  elegant and beautiful. I’ve never seen a picture you have taken and thought it looked tacky.
I was never confident enough in myself to book a shoot. Then I saw you asking for test models for a new set you were creating and I bit the bullet, and asked to be considered. I never in a million years thought you would pick me though.


When you saw my message for a volunteer test lady, what made you put yourself forward?

I wanted to do the shoot to regain some confidence in myself and to make myself feel better.  Struggle with anxiety it was a big test for me and I’m so glad I did.
I went an bought a few different outfits from various places just because I didn’t know what would work best etc and i didnt want to show too much either as again self conscious.
Jenny Potts mua do my hair and make up for me on the morning of the shoot. I use Jen regularly for nights out etc and always love how she transforms my look.
Understandable I was nervous beforehand and a little unsure of what to expect also but felt empowered that I was doing something so out of my comfort zone. I was going to achieve a goal.
During the shoot I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. It was a fantastic experience.


Looking at myself for the first time.

It is a journey I take with you too and its incredible how you can change in just a short length of time. I can actually see your confidence grow through the shoot. How did you feel once the shoot had finished?

At the end of the shoot I felt exhilarated I’d done it. An was excited to see the results also.
On the reveal day I think I was more nervous than I had been for the actual shoot. I couldn’t believe the pics where of me, I was made to look beautiful and saw myself in a way that I’d never saw myself before. It was quite emotional.



It is an emotional experience and quite often ladies shed a few tears. What did you love about your portraits?

I loved the airbrushing. It’s not overly done just gives that polished end to a high end finish. Its again very tastefully done.
I absolutely loved the products you had to offer and purchased an album from you I wish i could have got a wall piece as well though.



If you could say something to someone who wants to do this but is feeling very self conscious or not worthy of doing something for themselves. What would it be?

If anyone is thinking about doing a shoot with you I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to go for it. It’s a fantastic experience and one I guarantee you will treasure forever.
I’d love to be able to do a shoot again in the future an hope to be able too.


If you have any questions regarding your makeup our makeup and hair artist Laura would be very happy to help you.