Why should you choose  New Generation Portraits  over any other boudoir studio? 


In my experience over my many years as a photographer a boudoir shoot is far more than just photographs. 

It’s a trust between me and you. 

I trust you will believe in me to make the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of your self. You trust I can draw out your inner goddess that could have been missing for many years.  

I often laugh with my clients and say I have a hidden talent and that talent is I see you! 

I see you waiting in the wings hoping you have the courage to book. I know you dream of one day, being able to stand in front of a mirror and feel you are enough. Well I’m here to tell you you are more than enough. You are incredible. Let me show you just how amazing you are. 

Women come to me for many reasons. Yes, I have people come for reasons I expected like a bride for her partner on their wedding day, anniversary  or a mile stone birthday for instance. But more often than not, ladies who come to me, want to feel reconnected again. They have gotten lost while life has been hurtling past. They look in the mirror and don’t recognise themselves anymore. 

Surprisingly it’s less about being sexy than you might think. My work is you reconnecting with yourself once more. A boudoir shoot can be powerful and transformative. It is a chance to explore your sensuality and celebrate your femininity. Your confidence builds. You feel elegant, feminine and powerful. 

My goal is to bring out your beauty and femininity in a way that feels authentic and empowering. Help you see yourself again. Help you reconnect. You’ll come away from your shoot feeling like a true goddess, ready to take on the world.

What makes my studio different? I see a beautiful woman powerful and confident. I want to show you you are more than enough. You are amazing.