My 40th was close and I wanted to do something for me.

Today I am chatting to one of my very first boudoir clients. She has been back many times now and I always love to see her in the studio.

Tell me a little about yourself leading up to your shoot. Family, relationships, jobs a little about you so we get to know you.

I had recently divorced after being with my hubby for 18 years. Now a single mum of 2 boys. My 40th was fast approaching and I still struggled to see myself  as someone other than wife/mother  etc. We had been living in Spain for 5 years  and had moved back to the UK a year or so before the shoot.

How did you feel about your self confidence, general body image. How you thought people saw you? BEFORE your shoot.

Before the shoot, I felt that people only saw me as the boys mum, ex-wife, the responsible one. I was carrying more weight than I was happy with and was unable to go to the gym following an accident, which later I discovered had resulted in a torn rotator cuff muscle.

How long have you been waiting and wanting to do a shoot with me?

A friend had a boudoir shoot with you and shared her portraits. They were AMAZING and I decided to book in. Due to my flexible working hours, I didn’t have to wait very long, which was great because I’m pretty sure I would have talked myself out of it.

What put you off booking before? What made you take the plunge?

I wasn’t aware it was even a thing, and certainly not something  affordable. My rapidly approaching 40th birthday and an awareness that I needed to get back to “myself” was the push.

Were you booking for you or a gift i.e anniversary, birthday or wedding?

The first one was mainly for me, but it also doubled as a surprise Christmas present for a special person in my life. The second one, a few years later, was a birthday present for him because he’d loved the first pictures so much.

On the run up, did you buy anything special?

I had ordered lingerie but unfortunately, it was a bit small when it arrived. I needn’t have worried though as you worked with me to get the pictures, whilst hiding the unfastened top 2 clasps.

Is this something you would ever do or was it just because it was a special occasion?

Although it was done post-divorce and with my 40th fast approaching, it was done for me to remind me that I still looked OK. It was very empowering. The fact that the pictures were fabulous and therefore, doubled up as a present was a bonus.

Where did you buy your lingerie from?

I bought my first set from Ann Summers, mainly because I was one of their party hosts and got a good discount. Second time around, I wore lingerie that I had in the draw because I knew you would make me look fantastic, regardless of what I was wearing.

Did you have your hair and makeup done, nails, tan etc?

The shoot was at the end of the summer, so I was already tanned, and my nails were already done. I did my own hair, just because no one has ever been able to get it right, but I did have my makeup done specially. I am not a fan of heavy makeup and wanted to look natural. The makeup lady got my makeup perfect. On the morning of the shoot I felt excited. I was a little nervous but more excited than anything else. You  made me feel comfortable very quickly.

During the shoot I aways ask how you are feeling because I want to make sure we are going at a pace that suits you. How did you feel and was it what you were expecting?

It was so much better than I was expecting. Some of the positions felt a bit odd but I trusted that you knew what you were doing and I had already seen the results of your work.

Did you feel different at the end of the shoot to when you first started?

I was definitely more relaxed by the end of the shoot and we had had some laughs along the way. I was excited to see the pictures.

On the day of your ordering session, were you excited? Did you love the reveal session on the wall/TV? What went through your mind when you saw yourself for the first time?

I couldn’t wait for the reveal session and couldn’t believe the person in the portraits was me when I first saw them. I was pretty hot!! You had done a wonderful job and the only down side was that I had to choose which were the best ones. They were all fantastic!

Airbrushing, what would you say about it? I like to think we airbrush to a polished version of you and not make you look like someone else. Its still you. Whats your opinion on this?

I loved how you had airbrushed me. I still looked like me, but with the odd blemish removed and the bingo wings slimmed down a little. Instead of spending time with the concealer next time, I’ll just let you work her magic.

Did you love the products on offer? What did you buy? Did you hang any on the wall or have you kept them private?

You have  many more products available now than when I did my first shoot back in 2011 and I think they are all lovely. I bought the USB package and added to it as funds allowed. I haven’t hung any of my boudoir pics as I live with 2 teenage boys. They  treat my bedroom as their own but most likely will hang some when they move out. I have also had family shoots with yourself and all of those pictures are hung around the house.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about having this experience? Would you book in again?

I would 100% book in again. I have had 2 boudoir shoots, a dressing gown shoot with a few other boudoir ladies and 2 family shoots with Tracey. I wished I had known about her sooner. Obviously I enjoyed the experience as I booked again for another boudoir and when I have had my last surgeries,  I plan to book in again. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was so empowering, and Tracey was so good at putting me at ease. I think I could just strip off without a care now.

Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to a friend and why?

I have recommended your boudoir shoots to many friends and I know a number have gone on to recommend to their friends in turn. I don’t think you will find anyone better to take your boudoir portraits and it is an experience all women should have, especially when you are not feeling at your best. Tracey will show you that you look amazing!


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