Today, we’re pulling back the velvet curtain and giving you an exclusive peek behind the scenes at a boudoir photography shoot. You know, the kind where the magic happens and fierce confidence meets the lens.

Boudoir photography is a unique and intimate genre that celebrates the art of capturing sensuality, self-love, and vulnerability.
It’s all about showcasing the inner and outer beauty of the subject, creating timeless images that make jaws drop. So, let’s take a whirlwind tour through what to expect from the day.

The magic begins: your boudoir session

Our adventure begins with the heart of it all – a studio with four permanent backgrounds that serve as our creative playground.

These backgrounds range from classic elegance to contemporary chic, offering the perfect canvas for our boudoir photography magic. But here’s the thing: while we have these fantastic backdrops, we can still create something special and unique for each client.

Before the session

Before the shoot, the butterflies are real, folks! There’s that thrilling mix of excitement and anxiety in the air. It’s completely normal and you have nothing to fear. I am your cheerleader for the day and will guide you through every step.

Wardrobe Choices

It’s like playing dress-up for grown-ups.

You might bring in an entire suitcase of outfits, or may just rock that one incredible lingerie set that screams confidence. Two pieces, baby doll, full length. Whatever your choice I will photograph you looking fabulous.

Lighting Mastery

Boudoir photography is all about finding that perfect balance between light and shadow.

Soft, flattering light or moody lighting which creates such drama. We will have had a pre-consultation before the shoot so we know which direction to go in.

If you wished we could do one of each giving you a varied gallery.

Poses and Confidence

Posing can be a bit like yoga! I am getting you to bend, twist, stretch just to find that angle that makes you look incredible.

I have fine-tuned these poses over the years. I know from past clients that you will be thinking “what on earth is she trying to get me to do?” But trust me, I am guiding you into a beautiful pose. It’s not just about the physical poses; it’s about capturing your personality too. I’m not just taking pictures. I’m crafting your wall art.

The “Wow” Moments

Throughout your shoot I capture “wow” poses that make my jaw drop.

These are the moments that remind me why I fell in love with boudoir photography in the first place. It’s that perfect smile, that sultry gaze, or that candid laugh – those moments when you relax and give me your full confidence.

Post-Processing Magic

After the shoot, it’s time for some post-processing magic.

This is where I enhance the beauty that’s already there, like adding a sprinkle of stardust. I’ll dedicate time to carefully retouch and enhance your images, ensuring that your natural beauty shines through.

A little retouching, body sculpting (if you have opted for this), colour correction, and voilà! Your images go from stunning to absolutely breathtaking.

The Big Reveal

Now comes the most exciting part – the big reveal. Roughly a week later I get to share these jaw-dropping images with you, and there’s nothing quite like seeing your reaction. That moment when you realise just how incredible you look. Not quite believing that it’s you in the portraits. We design your bespoke products to your specification. Wall art, portrait boxes, albums built together at your viewing.

So, there you have it, the glamorous, exhilarating, world of boudoir photography behind the scenes in my studio. It’s a mix of artistry, intimacy, and empowerment, all rolled into one fabulous experience.

Remember, this journey is not just about beautiful photographs; it’s about self-discovery, empowerment, and embracing the unique masterpiece that is you. You are a work of art, and I’m here to help you celebrate that.

If you’re ever curious about the magic that happens behind the lens, consider booking a boudoir photography session for yourself or someone you know. It’s a journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-love that you won’t soon forget.

Until next time, keep believing in the beauty that shines within us all!